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    Softsangchoo,Inc., 307-81-35317

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    Daejeon Daejeon Seo-gu byeondong-seoro 6th street 92

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    58, Gongammakgol-gil, Banpo-myeon Gongju-si Chungcheongnam-do

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  • Q. What is the difference between Timedocu and CCTV?

    • Cam is recommend for the construction process rather than a promotional record.
      Of course, DSLR picture quality is excellent manner (professional documentary level, crop body & full body selectable).
      The downside is the cost approach and difficulties in the outdoor environment, since the administrator has to be near the camera for 365 days 24 hours.
  • Q.Is it possible to edit the Provided images from timedocu?

    • Yes, it is possible. The images file can be fully edited by user.
  • Q.When shooting in two or more multiple cameras, how it operates?

    • The controller is in charge of remote control in camera and picture transmission function DB server. If two cameras are in local area it can be used by one or it is also possible to install separately.
  • Q. Is it possible to control and inspect(maintenance, repair) periodically if the place is Busan Gijang?

    • Generally 30 days is needed for installation. Our company is located in Daejeon.
      Daejon is the center of transportation. So it is easy to travel the whole country. Also Busan Gijang is easy to access with KTX.
      In addition, we are currently managing far regions, such as Kyunggi Ilsan and Sokcho, Gangwon Province. And there is no difficulty in maintenance.
      We can operate a real-time remote monitoring system through using our servers. If the site has a problem, you can identify the trouble in real-time. Regular checks are approximately one to two months.
      We also collect our daily pictures for weekly report. Usually owners, contractors are receiving the photographic materials and use in the weekly reports.
      And we also provides real-time footage.
  • Q.The recording period is for two years, it means that clients may not need many cuts per hour.

    • It automatically detects the signal and stops to save the video which is being recorded. Even if the construction period is long, there are a lot of changes in short time. Especially when crane works lot or in framing and exterior construction, equipping important modules. We remotely manage the process of constructing. The basic still cut is 15 photo / hour, and if it is in necessary we also adjust the interval.
  • Q. what kind of end products you deliver? (the original image, the edited image, etc.)

    • Photo source DB: more than 16 million pixel DSLR camera stills
      Weekly Time-lapse video
      Monthly Time-lapse video
      The entire process time-lapse video (30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc.) :high-quality video of the FHD or UHD
      Sub-region by time-lapse video: Organize specific parts of the screen into full one.
  • Q. Can I install Timedocu in the international Construction Sites?

    • Timedocu is a smart system that reflects the real-time demands through 24hours on-site remote management and camera control. Therefore, if Internet-enabled environment, it can operate in the domestic and international construction sites without any difference.