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01 What is TimeLapse?

‘TimeLapse’is a technique which converts a long-term shooting to a short one, so it could be watched for a short time.

(For example, a video that shot for 24 hours could be compressed to 30 minute clip.)

02 Applying Field

A shooting of all sorts of infrastructure construction, a construction project.

A shooting of apartment, bridge and every kind of engineering works.

Manufacturing of special equipment such as large vessel, etc.

03 Feature of timedocu

Shooting high-definition image which is over 20 million pixels.

Proven stability of ‘Time-Lapse’ solution through a large construction project.

Achievement of high-quality and economics which applied self-developed industrial DSLR system.

Managing smart system which reflects real-time requests from the field, through 24-hours telemanagement
and camera control.

Our firm’s server manages and automatically transfer the taken photograph.
(Sending weekly&monthly ‘Time-Lapse’ video)

04 Installing the
        ‘Time DocuDSLR’

Shooting high-definition image which is over 20 million pixel.

An on-site trip installation: Select the shooting site, Adjust camera angle and installing the controller.

Installing Time-Docu, Setting and test-operationing (fine-tuning) the lens angle of view: Take 1-2days.

Remote control and management:Automatically control with our SW, real-time shooting records, sending sample image.

Size of DSLR box: Width 75cm * High 25cm * Height 1.8m(including support fixture), 25 kg

05 Operation process
         in Timedocu

Preparing yet

06 Shooting system
         of Timedocu DSLR

Reorganize with focusing on dynamical part and minimize in static part.

We remove the unnecessary part if it is raining or in the middle of the night.

Applying image filtering to protect the right to worker’s portrait.

Editing restructed film through highlighting specific part of the video.

Inserting the important still image.

Inserting the corporate logo and the title.